Thinking of joining Learn R With Me?

learn r with me Sep 29, 2022
A banner image with the text thinking of joining Learn R With Me?

Want to learn and grow your R skills?

Looking for a supportive community for learning and collaboration?

I can’t wait to start my new group Learn R With Me!

It’s an awesome community of learning and support for data processing, analysis, and visualization in R.

And I am sooooooo excited for it!!



I created Learn R With Me to be the community I wish I had when learning R - a friendly and supportive place to learn, ask for help, and celebrate new skills!

Honestly, it's also the community I want to have now as an R user!

Participating in Learn R With Me will not only teach you R, it will be a safe place to learn and grow in your R journey.

You'll be surrounded by R users in a supportive environment that celebrates your progress and helps you out.

You'll develop processes and workflows that will allow you to automate, repeat, and reproduce your data work in R so that you can save time, share your work, and create more advanced visualizations and analyses.



Here are some of the reasons to join Learn R With Me:

  • It’s a community, so you’ll meet other R users and build relationships as you learn!
  • I’ll provide step by step instruction for processing, analyzing, and visualizing data in R each week - you’ll have access to videos and code for each new lesson!
  • You get direct access to me in office hours that occur twice a month.
  • It’s a supportive learning environment where you can ask questions and grow. In addition to office hours, there’s a community question forum where we can all help each other.
  • You’ll be encouraged to celebrate your progress. Every week there will be space to share what you’ve learned or created. Coding can be lonely and sometimes frustrating, so it’s important to pause and celebrate how far you’ve come!
  • You’ll learn faster because you’ll be in community with others, encouraged to practice, and practicing helps you remember and build on what you’ve learned.


If you’re reading this before October 1, 2022, you can sign up for a free five-day intro to R mini-course that I’ll be running October 3-5.

If it’s after that, check out the info page for Learn R With Me to see if it’s for you.

I hope to see you there!

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