Long live the scatter plot

data viz tip Jun 21, 2022
A banner for data viz quick tips with the Schilling Data Studio Logo showing a scatter plot and the text long live the scatter plot.

When should you use a scatter plot?

Scatter plots are useful for exploring relationships.

You need two sets of numbers to make a scatter plot. One set goes on the x-axis and the other goes on the y-axis.

Here, we're looking at the relationship between bill depth and length for penguins.


You can add color to a scatter plot to show different groups.

Species is used to make each point a different color, and we can see the pattern of bill depth and length by species.


You can also add a third numeric value to a scatter plot by changing the size of the points.

Body mass has been added to see if there is a relationship between bill depth, bill length, and body mass among the penguins.


Scatter plots are very useful for exploring patterns!

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