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R is my favorite tool for data processing, analysis, and visualization!

It's my favorite tool because it's free, it saves me time, all the steps for processing, analysis, and visualization are in one place, and I can completely customize my visualizations!!

Want to learn R for data viz but not sure where to start?

Intro to R for Data Viz is for you!


Are you struggling to process, analyze, or visualize your data? And do you want to learn to do all of that in one tool?

Are you interested in learning to code? And saving time when creating visualizations?

Do you want to easily reproduce and repeat your data work?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, Intro to R for Data Viz is for you!


This online program contains videos, code files, and written explanations for getting started, processing data, and creating graphs in R.

Intro to R for Data Viz will be a friendly, supportive, and safe place to learn, ask for help, and celebrate new skills!

You'll develop processes and workflows that will allow you to automate, repeat, and reproduce your data work in R so that you can save time, share your work, and create more advanced visualizations and analyses.

"Even things I had previously known about R became clearer with your teaching style."

Senior Research Scientist

Over five modules, you'll learn how to:

  • install R and RStudio so you're ready to code.
  • build graphs to convey your results in an engaging way.
  • process data so it's ready for analysis and graphing.
  • load data so you can create insights from your own data.
  • refine and customize a graph to improve your data communication.
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"Jenn is a great instructor. Easy to understand, explains well in layman's terms which is very helpful when learning programming."
Kemi, Analyst

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Gain access to clear tutorials, a community of learning, and support for data processing, analysis, and visualization in R.

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Hi! I'm Jenn!

I'm so glad you're here!

I can't wait to see you in Intro to R for Data Viz and chat with you in office hours!

I love data, coding, and creating data visualizations! I've been working with data and learning how to create impactful data visualizations for over ten years. I spend most of my time analyzing data and creating visualizations in R.

I also have teaching experience - I earned a certificate in secondary education and taught middle schoolers and then graduate students. Plus, I've run professional development workshops and trainings.

I've taught brand new R users, experienced data professionals, and everything in between. I love creating a supportive and celebratory learning environment where people of all levels can learn together and thrive.

I created Intro to R for Data Viz to be the training and support community I wish I had when learning and practicing R.

I hope you'll join me - I can't wait to get started!

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Frequently Asked Questions

"I realized that I can code and coding is not terrifying at all."

Zulal, Researcher

Are you ready to join Intro to R for Data Viz?

I can't wait to be in community with you and support you in your journey learning data processing, analysis, and visualization in R.

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