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Data Viz Design Essentials

Do you want to create impactful insights with data viz?

Create impressive and beautiful graphs and charts with the design principles taught in this course!

Good data viz design engages your audience, conveys a clear message, and convinces someone to take action.

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After completing Data Viz Design Essentials you'll...

  • Create effective and engaging graphs with ease
  • Feel confident presenting data and insights
  • Clearly communicate data messages to your audience
  • Advance your career with your new data viz skills
  • Save time by using design principles that work

Data Viz Design Essentials gives you everything you need to know to create insightful graphs and charts. The design principles taught in this course will make you feel confident when presenting and sharing data. When you apply these principles, you'll know that your key takeaways will be clearly communicated and your audience will understand exactly what you want them to know.

This is digital product that you immediately gain full access to, and we know you're going to love it! That being said, if it doesn't meet your expectations, we'll give you a full refund if you request it via email within 7 days of purchase.

What people are saying about Jenn's programs:

There's a lot more to data reporting than meets the eye.

These steps will help me better narrow down how to approach dashboard design and ask my team and stakeholders better questions.

I learned that there are many factors (color, context, principles, etc) to engage the audience, not only the type of chart/graphs. I love the way that Jenn explained by using the viz example.

I was accurately and effectively able to tell the story of the data! It helped us make decisions and my supervisor was very impressed with the results.

After this course, I understand how to use the color palette effectively in my viz and how to engage the audience to pay attention to the line or bar chart by using color, shape, and enclosure.

I love the idea of thinking of using color consistently and sparingly, with an emphasis on sparingly.