Data Viz Design Essentials

Data Viz Design Essentials contains you everything you need to know to create insightful graphs and charts. Take your audience from data dread to insightful impacts with data viz design.


Do you want to create impactful insights with data viz?

These principles work in any software or tool you use to create data visualizations!

Create impressive and beautiful graphs and charts with the design principles taught in this course! Good data viz design engages your audience, conveys a clear message, and convinces someone to take action. And this course will teach you everything you need to know about data viz design.

Imagine presenting a data viz and knowing your audience will stay engaged, want to understand, and comprehend exactly what you want them to know. How great would that feel? The skills you'll learn in this course will allow you to do exactly that.

This course will take you and your audience for data dread and boredom to engagement and insightful impacts, and the principles you'll learn work in whatever tool you use to create graphs and charts.

This is a course for anyone who works with data and wants to get better at communicating data through graphs and charts.

Here's what people are saying after working with Jenn and taking this course:

"I was accurately and effectively able to tell the story of the data! It helped us make decisions and my supervisor was very impressed with the results. "

Nikki Chapman

"I learned that there are many factors (color, context, principles, etc) to engage the audience, not only the type of chart/graphs. I love the way that Jenn explained by using the viz example. "

Le Luu

"These steps will help me better narrow down how to approach dashboard design and ask my team and stakeholders better questions."

Workshop Participant

"Your presentation was fantastic. You are an excellent speaker. As someone who does not work with data, I was able to follow along and I learned a lot."

Amy Linhoff

"After this course, I understand how to use the color palette effectively in my viz and how to engage the audience to pay attention to the line or bar chart by using color, shape, and enclosure."

Le Luu

After completing Data Viz Design Essentials you will...

  • Create effective and engaging graphs with ease
  • Feel confident presenting data and insights
  • Clearly communicate data messages to others
  • Save time by using principles that work
  • Advance your career with your new data viz skills

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Hi! I'm Jenn! I'm so glad you're here!

Join me in Data Viz Design Essentials!

I love data and telling compelling stories with data! I've been working with data and creating impactful data visualizations for over ten years. I also have teaching experience - I earned a certificate in secondary education and taught middle schoolers and then graduate students. Plus, I've run professional development workshops and trainings for years.

Now, I'm taking everything I know about data visualization, design, and effective teaching, and turning it into an easy-to-follow video course that will guide you through the process of creating your own insightful data visualizations. I can't wait to get started and see the impact you'll make!

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Features of the Course

Video Lessons

The course has 15+ video lessons that walk you through data viz design principles to focus your audience's attention, reduce clutter, and make effective use of color.

Lifetime Access

The course is self-paced. You get lifetime access to all of the modules at once. You'll automatically get any updates and add-ons to the course. The tips are applicable in any software and for any type of graph.

Core Design Principles

The course covers core design principles of preattentive attributes, gestalt principles, and color use for data visualization. Each principle is explained with detailed examples.

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