Let's get personal

data viz tip Apr 19, 2023
A banner image with the text Let's get personal and a woman with short brown hair and glasses sittting down and smiling.

Have I got a data viz tip for you today!

Make it personal.

When your user can easily see themselves in the data, they're more likely to look at and use your visualization.

It becomes more meaningful to them when it's personalized, so it's more relevant.

You can do this by make a data viz interactive and allowing the user to filter to their characteristics in the data, such as their age or geographic location.

Another way to do this is to highlight the data point relevant to your user - where does their organization fall in comparison to others?

Create a useful data viz by helping your user identify themselves in the data, make it personal to them.

Try this and let me know how it changes the way your users engage with your data viz.


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