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data viz tip Mar 21, 2023
A banner image with the text testing testing and a set of three graphs - a line graph, a slope graph, and a pie chart.

Here's a quick data viz tip: experiment.

Test out rough drafts of your data viz with a friend, family member, or colleague to see if they get your key takeaway.

Ask them:
- What do you notice?
- What stands out?
- What questions do you have?
- What’s the key message?

See if that matches what you intended. If not, make adjustments and keep experimenting.

You don't need a perfect data viz to share. You just want the minimum viable version. Try not to worry about having it all perfect at this point.

You're looking for feedback on how it can be improved and what elements could be added or removed.

If you have more than one type of data viz you've made, you can experiment with different ones. Show different people different versions and see which one is most effective at communicating your intended message.

I do this all the time with my spouse. I ask him to take a look at my data viz to see what he notices, what message he gets, and what suggestions he has for improvements. It makes my final viz better!

This is one step of my Data Viz Design Process. Get the whole Data Viz Design Process workbook and training for free.

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