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What books about data and data visualization should you read? Here's a list of books about data and data visualization, recommended by me and others in the Schilling Data Studio community.

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These books are about data, algorithms, and doing data science.

  • Weapons of Math Destruction by Cathy O'Neil
    • Read this book to learn about the issues with relying on algorithms and big data for decision making in society. Through multiple examples, you'll see the discrimination perpetuated by models and learn that turning to the computer for decisions does not improve fairness.
  • Algorithms of Oppression: How Search Engines Reinforce Racism by Safiya Noble
    • This book dives into data discrimination through the exploration of search engine results. It reveals important biases and the way racism and sexism permeate the online world and solutions.
  • Data Feminism by Catherine D'Ignazio and Lauren Klein
    • Read this book to learn a framework for doing data science ethically, informed by intersectional feminism. This important book explores power in the world of data and data science and provides important principles for working in data.
  • Living in Data by Jer Thorp
    • This book explores our relationship with data in the modern world. It includes many fascinating visualizations and explorations. Read this to gain insight into democratizing data, humanizing data, and the future of data.
  • Analytics Interpreted: A Compilation of Perspectives by Rehgan Avon and Dave Cherry
    • Read this collection of essays to get perspectives from women working across analytics. There are essays on inspiration, strategy, ethics, data availability, model preparation, data visualization and business intelligence, and case studies. I have a case study in this book about my work on creating dashboards on FAFSA completions in the state of Arizona.


Data Viz Principles and Design

These books cover important parts of data visualization design.


Data Viz Inspiration

These books are sources of inspiration and design ideas.


Data Viz How-To

These books provide guidance on how to create visualizations in different tools.


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