Rinse and repeat with your data

data viz tip learn r with me Apr 05, 2023
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How often do you have to reproduce a data viz?

When you create an analysis or visualization in a software like Excel, Google Sheets, or Tableau, you have to click on all the options and write formulas inside cells or variables.

This can make it challenging for someone else to reproduce or replicate your results.

It can also make it challenging for you to easily repeat the process with different data.

How do you handle these challenges?

For me, when I use R, I don’t have these challenges, because the code to complete a data analysis or create a visualization can be shared with another person who simply has to run the code to reproduce the results.

Plus, every step of the process is written out in the code, making it easy for someone else to check the steps and see exactly what I did.

AND, I can run the same code with updated or different data over again!

The process of analyzing and visualizing data in R is a sequence of steps that is similar each time you do it, so once you learn the sequence and the tweaks you can make based on the type of data you have, it’s easy to repeat analyses with different data.

So, my data viz tip today is to think about how you can reproducibility into your workflow, whether that's by learning a tool like R or creating a process in your current tool to make it easier to reproduce your work.


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